Friday, December 12, 2014

Christmas with Curious George?

I love the fact that Cash is more open to a giant Monkey rather than the guy who's in charge of bringing him presents every year.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Halloween '14

A big scary dinosaur.  Too bad the costume is basically a winter coat and it was 80 degrees on the day of the parade.

After the first photo I told him to say "RAWR!" Which apparently means charge the photographer.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Monday, October 7, 2013

Saturday, July 13, 2013

First Haircut

I finally got talked into letting the little guy cut his locks off.  So we travel to Donnas Barber Shop.  Donna is the lifelong friend of my mom who's been cutting my hair since I was 2 years old.  Fun fact: the suitcase he's sitting on is the exact same one I sat on until I was 10.  Ok fine, until I was 18.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

With Every End Comes a Beginning

Pretty damn cool poetic title huh?

Translation:  Moving sucks.  Exciting, yes.  But its much harder, stressful, time consuming, with a child who just learned to walk and wants to go "bye bye?" every time you open a door (EVERY door, not just those to the outside).

Yes, Cash has become quite the character.  His vocabulary seemed to double in the time that Grandma L. watched him while Andrea and I were in Cancun.  I had no idea she was going to hire Hooked On Phonics to live with them for those five days.  Is that even still around?....

Anyway, what was "Mama, Dada, Uh Oh, Ball, Woof Woof" is still that but with the added "Kitty, Door, Bath, Bed, Down, Bye Bye, Jester" and I've just about got him saying "Boom!"  I've heard parents say it all the time but where the heck did this little guy come from?  Andrea and I just watched the old video of his first laugh and it seems like yesterday but forever ago at the same time.


Back to the original subject.  The Reed family was fortunate enough to close on a new, spacious home on June 12th.  We should be totally in this Saturday with the very gracious help of a select group of friends, family, automobiles, trailers, and mother nature.

I don't have to hug the toilet while I flush it at 330am before I go to the gym. 
I don't have to have a territorial pissing battle with Jester while Andrea's in the shower.
I can poop while Andrea's in the shower.
I can poop while Andrea's in the shower and someone else is in the other shower.
We can stop tip toeing everywhere after 630pm.  (I had to buy ballerina shoes for support)
I have a workshop for all my hobbies.
I can start having hobbies because I have a workshop.

There's a select few of the pictures.  Picture all of that but with less than half the amount of furniture.  We haven't sold our house yet so we have to struggle with only HBO as our movie channel and we're going to adapt the "if its yellow, let it mellow.  if it's brown, flush it down" rule.  Please abide if you ever visit.

Until next time....